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Verifying incoming emails
All automated messages from BitPro are signed with an encryption key. Incoming postback messages from the API are signed with the API secret and all emails are signed with our PGP key. The key fingerprint is: AAE086C8AEBE9FE0614C9D1ACA698483A4D012EE
Download the key to verify our emails whenever possible.
What happens when an invoice is paid after it expired?
Invoices have a certain time during which they can be paid. This way a fluctuation in the coin price does not lead to unexpected losses or gains for both the buyer and the seller. If you pay a transaction after it expired, or when an invoice expires during payment, it is no longer processed.
To retrieve your funds send us a message requesting a refund. We can only issue a refund if the invoice expired less than two weeks ago! Include at least the following data.
  • The address from where the coins were sent
  • The address where the coins were sent
  • The unique transaction ID. For most coins this will be 64 characters long and contain number and letters, e.g.: fa682e4d41f134bb3b7d24b794fa9afe
  • The date and time when the invoice was paid and the amount
We only provide refunds for expired invoices if the the amount covers the network/miner fee. The network fee will be deducted from the refund.
Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds for any invoices paid using our service for the following reasons.
Because of the way cryptocurrencies work, transactions are final with no chargeback methods. This means only the seller, the one who creates an invoice and receives the income of an invoice, can issue a refund.
Another reason is that we merely provide a payment gateway, e.g. we have no idea which goods/services are exchanged between two parties and as such cannot assess if a request for a refund is valid.

There is one exception for expired transactions. The merchant does not receive these funds. If you mistakenly send funds to an expired invoice, you can request a refund by sending us a contact message.
BitPro charges a 0.5% fee on each invoice. In addition, some coins also have a network/miner fee. This miner fee supports the coin network and does not benefit us financially. When requesting a payout, our fee and the miner fee are deducted from the total payout amount. When you create an invoice on the new invoice page, the payout is done automatically after the coins have been received and verified.

Some coins do not have a miner fee, for these coins we only charge the 0.5% fee.

The following example shows how a typical payout will look like.
Invoice 10.5000
Invoice 20.1800
Invoice 31.0200
Our fee0.0034
Miner fee0.0010
Where can I find documentation about the BitPro webservices?
You can create invoices without the need for any coding experience here. We recommend to create invoices at the last minute to prevent expired invoices and to make sure the calculated currency/coin value is actual.

Technical API documentation can be found here.
Embedding invoices
Invoices can be integrated on your own site using various techniques.

No integration: show the coin address on your own site. After creating an invoice the API returns a field coin_address and a field amount_coin. You can display both fields on your site and update the page when we call the postback_url with updated information. Using this apprach a user never leaves your site and never sees any part of our site.

Iframe: embed the invoice on your site using an iframe. A user will see our invoice page embedded on your site. You can use the url generated when creating the invoice, e.g.
You can also change invoice in the url with embed to hide the menu and footer on our page. For example:

Redirect: redirect to the url which is generated when an invoice is created. This URL leads directly to our site, e.g.
Privacy policy
Our policy is quite simple and is based on minimal data collection. Since we handle lots of valuable transactions we also need to log information to prevent abuse and monitor suspicious activity.
  • We do not require registering an account to use our services
  • We do not require any personal information
  • This website does not use tracking cookies
  • This website does not have advertisements or trackers
  • This website is completely functional without javascript
  • We store the IP address and timestamp for most API operations, e.g. when requesting a new API key or requesting a payout